What is Dip Powder?

What is Dip Powder?

What is dip powder?

 Nothing beats the feeling of a flawless set of nails when it comes to the world of beauty. Acrylic extensions and gel polish have had a reasonably long time in the limelight, and now dip powders are seeing the light of the day with their unique attractiveness. You might have seen some oddly satisfying videos on Tiktok or Instagram and have probably wondered what's so special about these. So, let's have a detailed review of dip powder.


What are dip powder nails?

Dip powder nails are also commonly known as SNS nails. The process involves the technique of dipping the nail into a small jar of powder in whichever colour you desire, progressing with the application of clear sealant over it. It's a pretty easy and hassle-free technique that gives you gorgeous, chip-free nails for over a month. Dip powder is said to be a go-between acrylic extension and gel polish as you get to savour the same flexibility that gel polish renders together in an amazing combination of the durability of acrylics.

Most people struggle with the question, is it as healthy as gel manicures? Well, the technique does not require any UV or LED light to finish off the process, which makes it quicker than the others and safe. With the extra layer of protection above the nails, you get to enjoy the feeling of natural nails with the powdered enhancement.

While most people believe this trend is new, it has been surviving for quite a few years. In fact, dip powder nails have been around since the 80s.


How does it work?

Whether you're getting it done in a salon or at home, the process of dip powder needs to be performed with special care. While the technique may vary from salon to salon, the following steps remain a standard procedure by most of the experts.

Nail prepping

Before beginning with any manicure, it is supremely essential, to begin with prepping your nails with a thorough cleaning process. You'll need a dip powder kit at home to do the entire process without facing any difficulty. The method of cleaning means to clear your nails of any dirt or oil. At a salon, you'll have your cuticles pushed back and the surface of your nail plate buffed. This will create a smooth surface on your nail, to begin with, the process.

 Bonder application

After you've cleaned and prepped your nails, it's time to apply the bonder so that the dip powder sticks to your nail plate, which lowers the possibility of lifting. Bonder acts like glue which keeps the powder together with the nails.

 Base and powder

Now brush the base on your nails the way you polish them, doing it one nail at a time. After applying the base, dip your nail in the small jar or tray of powder and repeat it with all the other nails. Make sure to brush off any excess powder off your nails. In case you want a higher level of opacity, you might want to dip your nails in the powder a couple more times.

 Topcoat sealant

After applying the base and powder onto your nails, wait about 2-5 minutes before you start filing or shaping them. Once you've filed your nails, apply a top coat sealant to harden the product and give it a final touch.


While it's highly recommended to go to a salon to get powder dip nails done, you can do it at home as well. However, make sure you have access to a proper nail kit or powder dip kit at your disposal.


Do they last long?

Unlike the other manicure procedures, powder dip nails can last up to a month. However, it also depends upon the level of hardening of your nails. In case your nails aren't hardened enough, they might last up to 2 weeks only. If you're doing it at home, you might find it a terrific and cost-effective solution as it doesn't require much maintenance.


Are dip powders safe?

After a deep analysis, the answer to this question would be a yes. While every nail treatment holds its individual merits and demerits, it's substantial to check your nail health before getting started with the procedure. It is definitely not safe to dip your nails into the power if you have fungus. Also, if you're using a dip powder kit at home, make sure not to share it with any of your family members until and unless you're pouring the powder out in a separate container for use.


Do dip powders work with extensions?

Most of us have always gravitated towards acrylic extensions to get long nails. With dip powders, you can ask your nail technician to add extensions as well. After adding the fake nail tip and filing it, they can dip your nail into the powder covering it with a thin layer. It gives your nails adequate colour intensity, durability, lightness and makes them last longer.


How to choose between acrylic nails and dip powder nails

The decision of which of two is better depends upon your long-term wishes. Wanting them natural or extended together with the kind of colour you desire is what helps the nail tech determine the best option for you. People who are used to getting gel polish on their nails would find dip powder nails as the best preference, as there's hardly any difference between the vitality and long-lasting effects. On the other hand, people accustomed to acrylics can only be suggested with dip powders once they are ready for a new set. The reason for dip powder's hype is its light texture, gentleness, and durability. People find it as a perfect combination of all the qualities that deliver value for their money.




Dip powder remains one of the best nail procedures that deliver a dreamy, polished, and refined look to your nails. The bold colours instantly pop to elevate your mood, and the quality is way more than just satisfactory. However, make sure to restore your nail's health by keeping your skin hydrated.

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