Benefits of dip powder nails

Benefits of dip powder nails

Benefits of dip powder nails


Acrylics and gel polish have been our preferences for the longest time now. But we have all been at a point where we have dealt with the frustration of chipping off or being scared of UV light rays being unsafe for your skin. Some of us get accustomed to these, while the rest encounter their fears and agitation with every visit. Well, dip powder nails have come up as a lasting solution to all of your problems. Whether you're looking for durability, longevity, or flexibility, dip powder brings all of your fascinations to life.


Dip powder is a powdered solution in which you dip your nails after prepping and applying the base coat. The variety of bold and beautiful colors not only enables you to choose the beautiful powder of your choice, but also to decide how intense that color is, with varying layers of dip powder. They last as long as acrylics, but the removal process is similar to gel polish. You can apply the dip powder in three different ways according to your liking; you can brush the powder on your nails, dip your nails into the powder, or pour the powder over your nails.


Want to know more? Let's dig further into the benefits of dip powder nails.



When opting for a nail procedure, one always expects it to last as long as it can. Fortunately, the dip powder procedure delivers long-lasting results that remain for as long as a month. If you consult a nail technician, these results are definite to impress you, and if you're trying a DIY, you can expect them to last up to four weeks. However, make sure you have a official Destiny Starter Kit to ensure the best results!



The next quality that everyone finds value in is durability. Nails that start chipping off right after coming home or ones that get softer after applying a gel polish flusters you beyond explanation. It's like you just dumped a bunch of money for something that was just not worth it. You'd be glad to know that dip powder nails are extremely durable just the way you like it.



Nail technicians that leave you with thinner and uncomfortable nails are always one of the most agitating experiences. But dip powder ensures to save you the trouble with its impeccable deliverance. You get to enjoy the flawless beauty of much more comfortable nails that doesn't get in the way of your everyday chores.


Quick process

Sitting in a salon for about two hours to get your nails done can get pretty exhausting, but with dip powder nails, you can get it done much quicker! While some of the steps in the process can take a bit longer, the overall process gets winded up pretty quickly. Especially if you compare it to the time acrylics require, you'd be delighted. Moreover, with our at-home dip powder kits, you get to save the time of going to the salon as well.



Most of us have years of practice in painting our nails in a fairly short span of time, and that also flawlessly. Dip powder tends to make this process even faster and hassle-free by saving you the trouble of swaying your fingers for quick drying. Dip it in your powder, and you get a set of tidy and ideally polished nails. There can't be anything better than that.


No use of UV lights

Most users are concerned about the direct exposure to UV rays and don't find it at their utmost comfort. The best part about dip powder nails is that it does not require UV or LED light for a more durable and long-lasting effect. They are entirely air dryable, making them safe and rendering a sense of satisfaction in the user's mind. Apply a layer of topcoat, and your nails are done.


Unlimited color variety

Colors have to be one of the most significant concerns when getting our nails done. Choosing a nail procedure that doesn't come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from can be utterly disappointing. Luckily, dip powder is available in an endless choice of colors for you to enjoy an attractive and glamorous set of nails. No matter what your favorite shade is, you're bound to find it with dip powders.


Easy to do at home

Many people like to enjoy the feasibility of getting their nails done at home. It's just so much easier, more comfortable, and quicker. There are a large number of  Destiny dip powder kits available which liberates you from the limitation of getting a manicurist. Get these kits and do your dip powder nails yourself with as much ease as regular nail polishing.



Acrylics and gel polishes possess a strong smell acting as an irritant for many users. If you're prone to allergies but obsessed with pretty nails, you'd be more than happy to know that dip powders are odorless. Whether you're getting them done at a salon or home, the odor-free experience has to be one of the most significant benefits to relish.


 Better results

The satisfying result is a part of a valuable service that delivers mental, physical, and monetary satiation. After getting dip powder nails, you'll experience your nails to be stronger and healthier all the time. While it may differ from person to person, depending upon the hygiene, age, health, etc., the results pretty much remain to be a standard for all the users.



Dip powder nails have to be one of the best options when it comes to getting perfect nails. We all look for a solution that offers an accurate blend of qualities so that you achieve value for your money. Dip powder tends to provide exactly that with its safety, durability, flexibility, and longevity. We can’t wait for you to join the Destiny Cosmetics family!

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